Therese Lang Pettersson

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5,4”


Collage                                Support                                   John Anderberg

Double Edge                        Lead                                       Natalia Vallejo Gonzalez

A Fool For You                   Support                                 Ramon Juson III

Comfort Zone                     Support                                 Yayun Hsu

The Neighbor                     Support                                Auðdís Tinna Hallgrímsdóttir


Rabbit Hole (Showcase)                 Becca                           Hudson theater

Who’s who in Shakespeare?        Prospero                       Sturegymnasiet

Gender ghost Show                  Student/Mother              Sturegymnasiet

Gittan and the trolls                 The teacher                      Halmstad Library

Under the rainbow                        Wife                             Sturegymnasiet

Education and Training 

New York Film Academy (CA) Acting for Film  One-year program
The Lessac Technique  Kellynn Meeks, Mary T. Sala
The Meisner Technique Bob Lipton
The Laban Technique  Alexandra Wright
Sturegymnasiet Theatre Upper Secondary School

Special skills: Swimming. Soccer. Long jump. Running 60-100m. Shot Put. Singing: Alto. Dancing: Modern Jive, Swedish Bugg. Biking. Baking (Professionally) Language: Fluent & Written; English & Swedish, Working knowledge: Spanish & Danish. Valid Passport.